How To Save Your Skin From An Inevitable Hangover

If there’s one thing we all love about the holiday season, it’s the parties. Spending time with friends and family while donning festive outfits and glamorous beauty looks is a great way to wrap up the year and start a new one. Unfortunately, a night of revelry can wreak havoc the next morning. Apart from physical discomfort, hangovers take our skin from fab to drab. Use this handy guide to revive your complexion and get your glow back stat. As for the rest, fake it till you make it (or find a way to sneak in a nap).


Get Your Glow Back

Chances are your face is drier than usual. For starters, wash away the shame with a hydrating cleanser.

A treatment sheet mask repairs skin with deep hydration. A 10-minute session works wonders.

Toxins and lack of sleep can bring out extra puffiness under the eyes. Give them dedicated attention with these cooling and refreshing eye patches.

Incorporate a toner into your arsenal. This exfoliating option will coax a glow from your skin.

Pack on the vitamins with a restorative serum. Now that your pores are prepped, the ingredients will be able to function efficiently.

Did we mention hydration is important? A water-based moisturizer will quench parched skin.

You're most likely not in the mood to apply makeup, but a sweep of BB cream will conceal last night's antics.

Add a little life to your cheeks with a subtle wash of blush and bronzer. Together they'll create a natural-looking flush.

Counteract chapped lips by conditioning your dry pout with a silky balm you can reapply throughout the day.

Stash a facial mist in your bag to apply every few hours.