This Device Tells You If Your Moisturizer Actually Works

Whether it’s an everyday battle or one influenced by the seasons, dry skin is never fun to deal with. Moisturizer obviously helps, but reapplying throughout the day is necessary and not always convenient. Leave it to the MVPs of hydration at H2O+ to introduce a game-changing product: a new tool that actually measures how much moisture your skin has (and needs). It’s super easy to use. The MiLi Moisture Meter connects to your mobile phone, and once it’s placed on your skin you receive an alert with your current level. You can re-test throughout the day to see just how well your current moisturizer is working—or whether you need a more powerful one.

Snag the nifty tool yourself as a free gift with the purchase of any Oasis Hydrating Treatment or Oasis Ultra Hydrating Cream throughout May. Then, starting in June, it’ll be available for purchase in a bundle with these two products. Take a look at the meter in action in the clip below.