Tricks All Women With Perfect Smiles Use

by Stephanie Montes
Blake Lively in a yellow dress posing with Beyonce in a white dress with perfect smiles

Your contour can be on point, your eyebrows can be perfection and your highlight can be visible from space, but your look can always be boosted to new heights with pearly whites. Because your teeth are the first thing people see on you, we’re sharing our tips for achieving your best-looking smile. Ahead, five tricks all women with great smiles use—we know you’ve always wondered what their secrets are.

Billy Farrell/BFA.com

Show Some Teeth

If you're an avid coffee drinker, consider cutting back as the natural dye in it can stain your teeth and make them look dingy. We're not saying you have to stop drinking it all together (come on, we're not insane), but be mindful that cutting back will significantly improve the color of your teeth—at the very least, rinse your mouth after each cup you consume.

We know it's a drag, but flossing is one of the most important oral hygiene steps—even more so than brushing. Flossing is crucial to removing plaque and germs between the teeth that your toothbrush can't reach and helps keep them looking white. It also prevents gum disease, tooth decay and cavities.

Lipsticks with yellow undertones (like orange and certain reds), as they can bring out the yellow shades in your teeth. Instead, find reds and pinks that have blue undertones. No matter what shade your teeth are, the blue in the lipstick will make your teeth look whiter instantly.

Have you ever noticed how much brighter your teeth look when you have a tan? Create contrast between your skin and the color of your teeth by swapping your blush for bronzer.

Professional teeth-whitening procedures can be expensive. Instead of investing in a pricey appointment, pick up a box of baking soda on your next trip to the grocery store. After brushing your teeth, dip your toothbrush in the baking soda and use it to polish your teeth. With continued use, your teeth will become significantly whiter— you should even see results in just a few days.