This Beauty Brand Sold Out Entirely On Its Launch Day

Korean beauty retailer Glow Recipe has risen through the retail ranks over the past two years to become a cult-favorite shopping destination. Beauty junkies are always clamoring to get their hands on overseas finds, and Glow Recipe’s wide selection makes them so much more accessible. After learning that some customers’ skincare needs still weren’t being met, the founders took matters into their own hands and launched Glow Recipe Skincare.

The first batch of products, which became available yesterday, included a watermelon sleep mask and a blueberry cleanser—and they sold out on day one! Glow Recipe took to Instagram to share the news, and will update soon about a restock. On the plus side, the company set aside a few masks, cleansers and deluxe kits to give away to lucky followers. Head over to Glow Recipe’s Instagram page for details on how to win.