The Game-Changing Face Mask Trick You Need To Try

If you think face masks are geared toward 14-year-olds at slumber parties, you’re seriously missing out. These at-home gems are actually a key tool for maintaining glowing skin between facials. In just 10 to 15 minutes, they can work wonders on your complexion for a fraction of the cost—and they become even more impactful when you use more than one on a regular basis. Whether you opt to double-mask or apply them in succession, these curated combos are guaranteed to deliver your most gorgeous dermis yet, no matter your skin type.


Double On


The key to double-masking is to start with a heavier, creamier option that'll deeply penetrate your skin and provide your complexion with bountiful benefits before the second phase. For maximum hydration, begin with a cream mask to fight off flaky dryness. After, apply a gel option to plump and lock in moisture.


For a non-greasy canvas, start with a mattifying clay mask that'll intensely draw out impurities and minimize pores. End with a purifying version that'll thoroughly yet gently clean the skin.


To combat both oily and dry concerns, a detoxifying peel-off mask with red clay will unclog pores and control sebum and oil production while a hydrating gel option afterward will replenish the moisture it needs for a glowing yet matte complexion.


This refining mask with Canadian willow herb and jojoba beads gently exfoliates to slough off dead skin cells for a smoother texture. This allows the second energizing mask to deeply revitalize and brighten the skin for a youthful complexion.


To reverse wrinkles prep the skin with a luxurious soothing option to restore vitamins and release lines and signs of fatigue for a smooth, hydrated canvas. Finish off with powerful anti-aging ingredients by choosing a firming mask boasting peptide, pure ceramide-3 and white water lily extract to replenish elasticity and target sagging.


If your skin is prone to reactions and inflammation, heal it with a soothing mask of rich consistency, filled with calming components such as hibiscus tea, calendula and and aloe vera. Seal it with a nourishing cream mask infused with thermal spring water to reduce stress and restore moisture.