Everything You Need For A Summer Spa Day At Home

Summer has officially arrived, and you’re probably already looking for ways to cool off. For those who can’t get away with kicking back on an inflatable swan and sipping from a fresh coconut all day every day, we suggest treating yourself to some well-deserved pampering, ideally with the AC on full blast. Splurging on a spa day is a favorite chill-out method for us, and creating the same vibe at home is a snap. The key thing to remember? Keep it cool—literally. Think peppermint-infused scrubs, energizing bubble baths (yes, a bubble bath can energize you), soothing lightweight lotions and cucumber-rich eye masks that deliver skin-loving benefits plus relief on uncomfortably hot days. From tropical-inspired diffusers to ultra-hydrating facial mists, we’ve assembled the refreshing luxe essentials you need to cool off and bliss out in the comfort of your very own home.


Refresh, Relax, Repeat

A Tropical-Scented Diffuser

It doesn't matter if you're actually in your studio apartment with the sounds of traffic outside and a Broadway-star-in-training doing vocal warm-ups next door. One whiff of this lush coconut-mango scent and you'll swear you're on a pristine beach with only the soothing sounds of waves crashing against the shore and palm trees swaying in the gentle, warm breeze. Step 1: Setting the mood. Check.

A Silk Robe

Cozying up in a plush robe is a treat we always look forward to on a spa day, but summer calls for a more breathable alternative. Slip into a silky version for a chic way to feel cool and comfortable.

A Refreshing Face Mask

This cult classic peel-off mask packs a one-two punch, imparting an instant cooling effect plus a burst of hydration so fresh you'll feel like you've walked right through a waterfall. Unsurprisingly, it enhances your complexion with a dewy radiance that's on a whole other level.

A Cooling Eye Mask

A refreshing trifecta of ingredients—namely, cucumber, caffeine and aloe—leaves the under-eye area feeling blissfully soothed and hydrated, and looking noticeably brighter.

Purifying Cleansing Cloths

What's cooler than being cool? Icelandic glacial water is one answer. Cucumber extract is another. Lucky for us, both happen to be found in these ultra-purifying cleansing cloths that make for an easy one-and-done solution to soothe stressed skin.

An Energizing Bubble Bath

Come for the pick-me-up zesty pink grapefruit scent; stay for the skin-nourishing benefits of aloe, glycerin and vitamin E. We guarantee this is one bubble bath that will make you feel so fresh, so clean and so energized.

A UV-Protective Hair Mask

Masks for your complexion and eyes: Check and check. Now it's time to treat your strands. This reparative strengthening mask not only moisturizes and restores parched locks to their original luster, it also offers UVA/UVB protection to prevent color fade—a must for sun-drenched days.

An Invigorating Scrub

A solid scrub session is essential for whisking away the dirt and grime that build up on the skin—an all-too-common occurrence on sticky summer days. Opt for exfoliating formulas infused with cooling ingredients, like this facial scrub that contains peppermint, and a spirited fragrance like Tocca's sumptuous body scrub that envelops skin in a mélange of green tea and lemon.

A Shimmery Body Lotion

The thick texture of heavy creams isn't exactly a welcome sensation on sweltering summer days. Lightweight, silky lotions that hydrate and leave behind a shimmery veil dancing on your skin on the other hand? Yes, please.

A Soothing Facial Mist

Nothing feels more relaxing than a mid-morning, mid-afternoon—anytime of day really—spritz of a hydrating mist. This makeup-artist-adored organic formula is made of 100% grape water, extracted from fruit plucked right from Bordeaux’s legendary harvests. It instantly cools and calms irritation and redness, and over time helps decrease skin's overall sensitivity.

Mani-Pedi Essentials

Adorn your fingertips and toes with a vibrant splash of color—punchy pink, juicy red or bright blue. Be sure to prep first with a conditioning balm. We love this multi-purpose option from Captain Blankenship that nourishes the hands, cuticles and feet courtesy of avocado oil and shea butter while also treating your senses to the stimulating scent of peppermint.