The Products You Need To Even Out Your Skin Tone

Suffering from breakouts as an adult is frustrating enough, but the scars that linger after a flare-up are just the worst. While many believe the only way to diminish them is by medical intervention at the dermatologist’s office, there are alternatives. Thanks to advancements in science and skincare, a range of products can now help remove dead skin and even out your complexion at home. Here, the five-step beauty regimen you need to diminish acne scars for good.

Adam Katz Sinding

Banish Breakout Scars

Exfoliating Cleansers

Removing dirt and oil from your face is the first step on the road to an even tone and texture.

Brightening Serums

Post-cleanse, use a brightening serum to help balance an uneven tone while rejuvenating skin with vitamins and minerals.

At-Home Peels

These work as powerful exfoliants, making room for the skin to produce and bring new cells to the surface. Keep in mind that a peel should only be used once a week, as it contains high-potency ingredients.

Spot Treatments

Target scars directly with spot treatments. They color balance the skin tone and promote luminosity.

Brightening Moisturizers

Because brightening products contain such powerful ingredients, it's important to moisturize. Use a formula that contains complexes that banish scars while hydrating.