Easy Smoothie Recipes For Perfect Skin

We don’t need to tell you twice that what you put in your body has a major impact on your complexion. Beauty evolves from the inside out, so it’s important to consume healthful, nutritious foods that give your skin a boost, whether you’re fighting breakouts or seeking a youthful glow. Smoothies are a super quick, easy way to ensure you’re getting all the good stuff. These concoctions take no time to whip up in the morning, and they’ll ward off hunger until lunchtime while working their magic. Here, four delicious recipes—just three ingredients each—tailored to your specific skin concerns. Get ready to drink up and put your best face forward.

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Drink Yourself Pretty

For Hydration

Avocado contains monounsaturated fatty acids that maintain the skin's moisture levels. Pineapple protects it from free-radical damage, and coconut water provides intense hydration.

Tip: Frozen fruit makes for a thicker shake.

For Radiance

Kiwis may be small, but they pack a vitamin punch (C and E, to be exact), helping brighten the skin and accelerating cell regeneration for a luminous glow. The vitamin A in bananas fades dark spots and evens out the skin tone, while fresh-squeezed orange juice adds an extra dose of antioxidants.

For Breakouts & Inflammation

Beets, strawberries and blueberries aren't just delicious together, their combined anti-inflammatory agents also alleviate flare-ups and keep acne at bay.

For Anti-Aging

Spinach strengthens skin tissue, reduces wrinkles and delays the aging process by protecting your dermis from environmental damage. Vitamin K in the leafy green vegetable also minimizes dreaded dark circles. Apples, filled with vitamin C, bring a sweet-tart flavor to the drink. Lemons revitalize a dull canvas and aid in collagen production.