The Best Drugstore Buys For Soft Lips

Even the beauty novice knows that lipstick + chapped lips = not a good look. So before you swipe on your favorite shade, make sure your pout is prepped and in prime condition courtesy of your favorite nourishing lip balm, which—spoiler alert—does not have to cost a fortune. Ahead, discover the wallet-friendly tinted formulas, oil treatments, scrubs and everything in between we’ve officially inducted into the Lip Balm Hall of Fame: Drugstore Edition.


Soothe your lips, save your money.

All-Around MVP

Free of fragrances and parabens (read: ingredients that could further irritate already chapped lips), this fast-acting formula from the #1 derm-recommended lip care brand instantly soothes a cracked, parched pout with a powerhouse blend of shea butter, chamomile essence and reparative vitamins.

Best SPF-Infused Formula

Not only does this aloe and vitamin E-infused balm contain an impressive SPF of 30, it also features a luscious coconut scent to put you in a tropical state-of-mind.

Best Overnight Treatment

Wake up to visibly healthier lips with this intensely restorative overnight treatment. The nourishing formula is enriched with strengthening peptides, protective antioxidants and moisturizing essential lipids to promote a pillowy-soft pout.

Best Oil Formula

Dry lips don’t stand a chance against this supremely moisturizing treatment infused with trio of luxe oils, including virgin coconut, olive and refreshing eucalyptus. Bonus: It enhances lips with just a hint of shine.

Best Tinted Formula

This pampering balm features sumptuous shea butter and botanical waxes and kisses lips with a flush of flattering pink.

Most Plush Packaging

Confession: We’d tote around this charming, vintage-inspired tin even if it did nothing for our lips. Luckily, it’s as effective as it is beautiful—this time-honored salve has been relieving dry lips and enveloping them in a subtle rose fragrance since 1895.

Best Scrub

Exfoliating may be far from the most glamorous part of a primping routine, but this sugar scrub makes it at least a little bit more decadent. Perfect for delicate, sensitive lips, it gently buffs away dead skin to reveal a smooth, supple pout.

When In Doubt

Like your favorite pair of worn-in jeans or no-fail concealer, this is the reliable standby to reflexively reach for when you’re overwhelmed with options. The ultra-moisturizing formula is a simple blend of pure petroleum jelly and lush cocoa butter to soften lips in a snap.

Best All-Natural Formula

This 100% vegan, cruelty-free balm drenches lips in a creamy blend of avocado and coconut oils while leaving behind the sheerest hint of color.

Best Parisian Import

Yes, its price point is a little steeper than your typical drugstore find, but as the French would say, C’est la vie. And, trust us, the cult classic cold cream formula, infused with legendary soothing Avène Thermal Spring Water, makes it a well-worth splurge.