This Drugstore Shampoo Is My All-Time Favorite Shaving Cream

We’ve all been there: You run out of shaving cream and have no choice but to resort to shampoo. Sure, it’s fine in a pinch, but is it an actual suitable alternative? For me, it is. So much that I stopped buying shaving cream altogether. Here’s why.


I've tried a lot of shaving creams in my many years of attempting the smoothest legs possible. I've found that many irritate my stems, others don't lather enough and some simply do nothing. None have been quite right—I've felt like the Goldilocks of the beauty world (Goldilegs?). But just like the fairy tale heroine, I'm determined to find my perfect match. It's not until I finally settle for my husband's shaving cream that I realize the problem might be me. Sure, it's thick, lathery and smells like cologne (which I actually enjoy), but it doesn't leave my legs feeling silky. I get a close shave, but my skin feels dry. I figure that's the trade-off.

Then one day when I've blown through my husband's last can, I'm left with nothing but shampoo. I think to myself, This will do for today. I keep a bottle of Dove Dermacare Anti-Dandruff Shampoo in my shower. It's not my regular shampoo, but my scalp is prone to dandruff so I use it sporadically, which means I have some to spare.

I work up a lather between my hands before applying it to my legs. Just like in my hair, this shampoo creates an abundance of foam. I run my razor up my leg and am so happy with how smoothly it's gliding. I continue until my right leg is completely done. Sure, I shaved off all traces of stubble, but my legs feel smooth in a different way—I compare it to my left leg and my skin is definitely softer. I don't have any traces of irritation and I swear I just got the closest shave ever. Then it hits me: This shampoo is known to moisturize and relieve irritation on the scalp. It literally just did that for my legs. I rinse, dry off and pet my legs for a few minutes in disbelief. I think I've found my perfect shaving cream. Sure it's shampoo, but my legs have never felt better. Fast forward and this $5 bottle has lasted me months and I'm not forced to steal from my husband anymore. Win-win!