5 DIY Coffee Beauty Treatments You Need To Try

Today’s National Coffee Day, and although that may seem like every day for a lot of us, we’re honoring the caffeine-happy moment with beauty treatments, of course. Here, we’ve got five easy coffee-infused recipes that will give your skin and hair a boost, and they’re all super simple to mix up at home. Check them out and let us know which ones you’ll be trying in the comments below.


DIY Coffee Beauty Treatments

Body Scrub

By now you've probably seen an influx of people on your Instagram feed covered in ground coffee. Well, it's for good reason. Coffee grinds have the perfect texture to work as a natural exfoliant. This combo will create the perfect scrub.

Eye-Soothing Solution

Caffeine has the ability to increase blood circulation. Brighten and tighten up your eye area by dabbing cooled coffee grounds onto the surface.

Face Mask

For those of you who prefer taking the natural route when it comes to beauty products, a coffee mask can help your skincare woes. Brighten your entire face with this soothing treatment.

Foot Soak

Brewed coffee can be incorporated into a foot soak to stimulate your heels and toes. Just like at your pedicure appointment, immerse your feet for 10 to 15 minutes.

Scalp Treatment

Easily remove product buildup from your roots by rubbing some repurposed coffee grounds into your scalp. Wet your strands and massage. Please note, this isn't ideal for blondes, because coffee can stain lighter hair tones.