You’re Washing Your Face Wrong, Here’s Why

According to experts, cleansing your face is the most important step in your skincare regimen. You wouldn’t apply moisturizer and serum to a grimy dermis, right? It’s necessary to get rid of dirt, oil and free radicals that accumulated throughout the day and night’s hours before applying products to keep your complexion clear, healthy and youthful. With that said we know a trusty cleanser that works for your skin is essential, but there’s one step that’s often overlooked or not considered at all—the cleansing oil. Yes, it’s an extra product to add to the list, but the importance of prepping your face to a squeaky clean canvas cannot be emphasized enough. Before using a foam, cream or gel cleanser massage the oil onto a dry face and watch all the makeup and debris break down and melt off before rinsing with warm water. Oils are gentle on the skin and help hydrate so you’re not left with a tight feeling, resulting in a soft, fresh face that’s ready for the second cleanser. Shop our favorite cleansing oils here and see how double-cleansing is changing the game.


So Fresh and So Clean