This Moisturizer Is Sold Every 18 Seconds

As beauty lovers, we’ve gone above and beyond to find the perfect skincare routine. We’re well versed in the steps required to achieve an even, radiant complexion, but trying new products is still exciting. One that’s sold every 18 seconds? It has to be some good, good stuff. That’s exactly the case with Body Shop’s Vitamin E Moisture Cream.

Skincare fanatics flock to buy it, and all agree it’s a top-notch treat for your face. Apart from vitamin E, the formula is loaded with plant oils and absorbs easily beneath the surface. It works for all skin types—another major point on the list of reasons to try it. There are several jar sizes and price options to choose from, making it extra accessible. Tired of your current moisturizer or just looking to try something new? This best-selling cream could be the ideal addition to your stash.


Vitamin E Moisture Cream, The Body Shop, $5 to $32