7 Ways To Save Your Sunburned Skin

You’ve slathered, dabbed and dotted sunscreen on every inch of your body, yet somehow it happened, you’re as red as the soles of your Louboutins. Maybe it was cloudy, so you didn’t think to reapply, or maybe you just missed an entire limb. Either way, you’re suffering and you’re about to start shedding layers. Need some help in this time of discomfort? Here are seven products to heal and hide your painful sunburn, quickly.

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Heal The Burn

If your face is on fire, slap on these eye patches infused with aloe and chamomile to calm your delicate under-eye area and allantoin to soften and deliver intense hydration.

The nourishing, soothing combination of echinacea, honey and hyaluronic acid makes this moisturizer a post-sun favorite. Skin is left glowing, hydrated and repaired.

This concoction harnesses zinc pyrithione, apple fruit extract and rosa canina fruit oil to calm extremely irritated skin and repair damage from the sun and exposure to chemicals like chlorine.

Usually our first concern post-burn is to heal the damage, not conceal it. But we should never let inflammation stop us from living our lives. So, when we need to cover up sun damage while treating it, we turn to this foundation. The full coverage formula conceals redness seamlessly and utilizes coconut water to replenish skin's moisture levels.

Rich in aloe, this relieving spray instantly cools on contact, making it a must for hard-to-reach places like the back of your neck and legs.

Are you really covering all your skincare bases if you aren't protecting your lips? This treatment is the answer if you've been slacking on your SPF pout care. Specifically crafted to combat dry, fried lips, it hydrates to improve elasticity and even soothes away laugh lines.

This stuff is literally green juice for your face. It's packed with botanicals that not only soothe overheated complexions but also purify to ward off further damage. From soothing cucumber to cooling dipeptide, this mask is as refreshing as a dip in the water. Whether you're sunburned or suffer from rosacea, it will calm.