The Best New Serums To Try Now

One of the most important skincare steps, serums pack a punch with concentrated solutions that penetrate deep into the dermis to target specific concerns. Whether you want an anti-aging boost or a calming effect, there are a bevy of options that’ll optimize your efforts to achieve a gorgeous complexion. Lately, we’ve been intrigued by a handful of new formulas that combat everything from fine lines to dark spots. Here, shop this batch of seven new releases, and learn why you need to scoop them up stat.

Adam Katz Sinding

Serious Serums

If you're seeking a complexion overhaul, this powerful serum with vitamin B3, niacinamide and panthenol addresses acne, pigmentation and redness for healthy results. The hydrating formula never feels sticky or heavy as it sinks into the skin quickly.

It's inevitable that sagging skin comes with age, but this new serum works to boost definition where you need it most (read: jawline, neck and cheeks), sculpting and firming your facial contours while restoring moisture.

Hungover, jet-lagged or just simply exhausted, every busy lady needs this concentrate to plump her skin back to life with hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5. It results in a silky, smooth complexion that's stronger yet softer.

Developed with plastic surgeons, this lightweight option fills in fine lines, firms and improves tone and texture for noticeably supple skin in as little as 10 days.

An effective anti-aging serum for sensitive skin is hard to find. This option is packed with milk polypeptide and beta-glucan, which fortifies the skin's barrier and soothes irritation and redness. Sirtuin youth protein promotes natural skin-cell repair and hyaluronic acid retains hydration for a supple canvas.

Got pesky sun spots, age spots or old blemishes? This dual-chamber pump combines a corrector and a soothing formula to combat irritants that cause darkening.

Ideal for mature skin, this time-release retinol solution visibly reduces deep lines and wrinkles while you sleep, simultaneously boosting resilience and evening out the skin tone for a more vibrant, youthful dermis.