These Are The Serums Editors Can’t Live Without

by Alysh Lynch
Alessandro Zeno
A model with minimal makeup and glowy skin due to the serum she uses

For makeup novices and beauty junkies alike, serum is the hero skincare product on everyone’s top shelf. With a variety of formulas and uses ranging from hydrating and firming to rejuvenating and toning, the choices can be overwhelming. To make life easier for you, we went straight to the source and got the scoop on serums from our resident skincare experts. Shop our picks ahead—tested and approved by Team Zoe.



"I get these super-annoying blackheads on my chin, nose and cheeks, and they drive me crazy. This serum has a 17% glycolic-, lactic- and salicylic-acid blend that clears out my pores and makes my skin look brighter and smoother.” —Allie Flinn, Associate Lifestyle Editor

“I love this serum when for when I'm traveling—aka when fatigue shows most—to help fight the inevitable dark circles and puffiness that come with exhaustion. The formula supports the natural production of collagen, and includes hyaluronic acid to help nourish the ultra-dry and sensitive eye area.” —Laura Lajness, Fashion Editor

"Now that I've crossed the threshold into my 30s, I've definitely accelerated my antiaging efforts. I've heard rumblings about how hyaluronic acid is the ideal ingredient to keep skin hydrated and also keep wrinkles and lines at bay, so I decided to try it in its purest form. I usually add a couple drops of this serum to my night cream to upgrade my 'beauty sleep.'" —Angela Melero, Managing Editor

"Sunday Riley is one of my favorite skincare lines of all time. It sounds dramatic, but my face wouldn't know what to do without it. You just wake up to better skin with the Good Genes serum. It exfoliates dull surfaces and plumps fine lines, which results in a fresher, more youthful complexion." —Amy Lee, Fashion Editor

“I use a range of serums, but this one, in combination with the brand's micro-needle roller, consistently delivers amazing results. It contains epidermal growth factors, which are naturally occurring proteins found in the fibroblast cells of our skin that regulate cellular growth and stimulate collagen production. Whenever I use it at night I notice a visible difference in the morning.” —Nicky Deam, Editorial Director

“My sister recommended this serum after she noticed that her dark spots had faded and her acne was visibly reduced. She swears by its ability to even out texture on the most sensitive of skin types. P.S. I’m picking up a bottle as I write this.” —Samantha McDonald, News Editor

"This is the one product I can't be without—I notice a difference when I stop using it for even short periods of time. If you have blotchy or uneven skin, the Luna Sleeping Oil will change your life." —Erin Nicole, Senior Lifestyle Editor

"I'm honestly obsessed with this stuff. It had so many great reviews online that I just had to try it myself. Recently, I've been taking my nighttime skincare routine a lot more seriously, and I top it off with this overnight serum. Every morning I wake up with softer, more even skin, and my pores are nearly invisible." —Andrea Navarro, Associate Beauty Editor

"I swear by this serum, and I've done my part to turn everyone around me on to it, too. It goes on like water and instantly leaves behind the most refreshing feeling. But give it a week or so and you won't go back. Your skin will never look more hydrated or balanced, I promise." —Stephanie Montes, Beauty Director