A French Skincare Brand Sells 22 Bottles Of This Face Mist Every Hour

by Stephanie Montes

If you took a look at our desks, bags and/or nightstands, you're pretty much guaranteed to find a bottle of face mist (or two) at any given time. Always refreshing and packed with the most hydrating ingredients and relaxing aromas, there's no easier way to give your skin a glow on the go. And while we certainly have our favorites, it seems this French skincare brand has become a favorite in its own right. According to Caudalie, the brand sells an average of 22 bottles of its Beauty Elixir every hour. Assuming the beauty junkies who keep this mist on repeat are anything like us, it's no wonder they spritz through those bottles so quickly. Packed with grape extract, rosemary and mint, the beauty water is perfect for setting your makeup while also tightening pores, hydrating skin and brightening your complexion. If that's not enough, it also makes you feel a little bit more French—it's a win-win. Oui, oui.