The Best Natural Deodorant Is Only $9

I, like many other wellness enthusiasts, have been on the hunt for my natural deodorant soulmate for what feels like an eternity. While I’ve encountered some pretty worthy contenders along the way, I inevitably always fall off the wagon—usually because I’m tired of routinely doing the not-so-low-key turn-and-sniff pit check, or just in general feeling like I’m coming up short on the hygiene front. That, of course, frustrates me to no end—while I certainly want to prioritize my health (and take preventative measures to avoid any possible negative effects of rubbing aluminum into vulnerable body parts), a girl still wants to feel fresh and clean at the end of the day.

Schmidt's Bergamot + Lime Natural Deodorant, $9

A couple months ago, I was back to my usual antiperspirant ways when a coworker's Snapchat piqued my interest. She was clutching a brand of natural deo I had never seen, heralding its praises in the caption. If it's good enough to share with her fellow Snappers, I thought, it must be the real deal. I immediately ordered the stick—Schmidt's Bergamot + Lime—on Amazon Prime (I have an addiction), and started using it the second it arrived on my doorstep. A couple tries in, I was pleasantly surprised by its efficacy—by the end of each day I felt as clean as I did using a regular deodorant.

The weeks went by and I couldn't believe it—with every other formula I'd tried, there was the inevitable tipping point at which I started to feel funky about its continued use. It's now been months, and Schmidt's is still proving to keep me nice and dry and smelling sweet. With a $9 price tag, it's well worth a go (in my opinion) for anyone else who happens to be seeking their holy-grail product. Now, I'm telling everyone who'll listen to give it a try—it's worked that well for me.

Are there any other natural deodorants you absolutely love? Let us know in the comments below.