How To Maximize Moisturizer For Dry Skin

Constant redness, irritation and flaky makeup are sure signs of a dry complexion. If this sounds all too familiar, then you have been “gifted” with a desiccated dermis. Never one to let a beauty blunder ruin our mood, we know to reach for a high-quality moisturizer to quickly alleviate and soothe even the driest of skin. Here, five tips for perfectly balanced and hydrated skin.


Add Acid

When your skin is in dire need of hydration, you may think reaching for your thickest salve is the quickest way to replenish moisture—but you'd be wrong. Instead, use a product with a water-attracting ingredient like hyaluronic acid, a hydrator that can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water.

Exfoliate Regularly

A lot of people with dry skin believe that exfoliating will actually do more harm than good. But in reality, dry and dull skin needs to be buffed away so moisturizing creams and serums can be fully absorbed. Exfoliate twice a week and follow with a replenishing moisturizer for optimal results.

Do Office Touch-Ups

You have your quick morning routine down: Cleanse, gently pat your skin so it's lightly damp, swipe on some toner and finish with your moisturizer. But what do you do when lunchtime hits and you can feel your makeup caking? You reach for your hydrating facial mist, of course. A light mist is exactly the hydration pick-me-up your skin needs to stay supple all day long.

Double Up

If your skin is still parched despite consistent moisturizing, it’s time to pull double duty on treatments. After a warm (never hot) shower, apply a serum then top with a hydrating mask. This will lock in the serum's active ingredients and maximize the moisturizing benefits. Leave the combo on overnight for ultimate hydration.