10 Steps All Women With Clear Skin Follow

We all have our own cross to bear when it comes to our skin, but the secret to an overall healthy complexion lies in diligently keeping up a certain clarifying routine. Whether you’re battling full-blown hormonal acne or occasional breakouts, adopting good habits will get you closer to achieving a flawless canvas. Ahead, 10 steps women with clear skin swear by, and why you should be following them too.

Vanessa Jackman

Clean & Clear

1. Wash Your Face

No matter how early or late it is, always remember to wash your face twice a day. Dirt, oil and pollution get trapped in your pores (even while you sleep), which leads to breakouts. We suggest covering all your bases by triple-cleansing with facial wipes, cleansing oil and a foam cleanser.

2. Drink Lots Of Water

Many doctors recommend drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day, and for good reason. Not only is it beneficial for the kidneys and digestive system, it also flushes out the toxins in your body—in turn decreasing the chances of them affecting your complexion. Drinking an ample amount also keeps the skin supple and glowy. If you want a little more flavor, mix up a refreshing fruit-infused drink by adding lemons, oranges or strawberries.

3. Have A Go-To Acne Treatment

Whether it's a drying sulfur solution or benzoyl peroxide, find an acne treatment that works for you. The key is to apply at the first signs of a blemish, to tackle it before it gets worse.

4. Clean Your Pillowcase

As we've emphasized before, pillowcases are a breeding ground for germs. To avoid all that bacteria coming in contact with your skin while you snooze, wash your pillowcases weekly.

5. Don't Pick At Your Skin

You know it only exacerbates the problem, but you do it anyway. Well, seriously, don't. We understand it's tempting, but it will lead to scarring and discoloration—leaving lasting footprints of pimples past. If the damage is done, try a post-breakout lightening gel to help fade spots for even skin tone and texture.

6. Exfoliate Weekly

Sloughing off dead skin cells, dirt and excess sebum is important for acne-prone skin types. Not only will it leave your face squeaky clean, it'll simultaneously brighten the skin and optimize penetration of other skincare products.


7. Eat Balanced Meals

What you put in your body dictates the health of your skin—the first place that'll reveal any malnutrition and digestive imbalances. Follow a clean, balanced diet loaded with antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids found in bananas, berries, fish and dark leafy greens.


8. Clean Your Phone Every Day

Just like pillowcases, your phone is an overlooked perpetrator of breakouts. Just think about how many times you touch it with unwashed hands and then put it right against your face—all the dirt, oil and unknown microbes are transferred to your skin. Use screen-cleaning wipes on your entire device at least once a day.

9. Add Face Masks To Your Regimen

Whether it's a sheet or a wash-off formula, face masks draw out dirt and toxins from the skin. They also rejuvenate the dermis for an all-around healthy, glowy complexion. Apply once or twice a week.


10. Get Facials Regularly

Any beauty junkie knows that investing in facials is a must. Seeing a professional for treatments above and beyond your regular skincare regimen is a crucial step in maintaining clear skin. According to skincare guru Kate Somerville, light therapy is the most effective in eradicating bacteria to fight acne.