The Hydrating Face Oils That Have Transformed Our Skin

Face oils continue to grow in popularity on account of their transformative abilities—it’s crazy to think that just a few years ago they weren’t part of our routines at all. Formulas have advanced wildly since their first iterations, and now they address several skin types and concerns, making them a must-have in any woman’s regimen. Here are the oils we swear by—run, don’t walk, to snag a bottle (or two) for yourself.

"This oil is so fresh and light on my skin but still nourishing. I even use it for daytime and it doesn't feel greasy."

—Rachel Zoe, Editor in Chief

"I use this oil on my face and neck when I'm on vacation and have gotten too much sun. Your skin just drinks it up."

—Shannon Nash, Jewelry & Accessories Editor

"Since I haven't met a Tatcha product I don't love, I recently picked up their Camellia Beauty Oil to help my skin stay hydrated. I use drying products daily to help control breakouts, and this has been the perfect complement to keep my face balanced. I use it at night and wake up, dare I say, glowing. Bonus points for the incredible scent and 24-karat gold flakes."

—Jaclyn Decell, Social Media Manager

"I'm obsessed with this oil—I love how it feeds my skin with countless antioxidants and leaves me super dewy. When I'm feeling extra dry, I even slather it on my cuticles and ends of my hair."

—Stephanie Montes, Senior Beauty Editor

"I was never one to even think of putting oil on my face until my dermatologist suggested a face wash with natural oils (coconut, tea tree and orange) as some of the main ingredients. It completely changed my skin, and now I'm a devotee. I love to use the Clarins Blue Orchid Oil before bed. It smells like heaven."

—Marisa Runyon, Director of TV and Digital Video

"When my face is extra dry and in need of major TLC, I love applying this oil under my usual skincare products (or sometimes alone) for overnight hydration. I wake up with softer, more supple skin and the formula is soothing and non-greasy, which is a huge plus."

—Amy Lee, Associate Fashion Editor

"This stuff smells amazing and doesn't feel oily at all. I sometimes use it instead of moisturizer, and it makes my skin feel great when I wake up in the morning."

—Jessica Novak, Content Strategy Director

"I use a few drops of this oil morning and night before applying my moisturizer. I suffer from dry/sensitive cheeks, and using this regularly has improved their clarity and tone on account of being super hydrating."

—Kristi Mikesky, Features Editor

"The scent and moisturizing texture of this oil have made it a fast favorite in my beauty routine. It gets extra points for being natural and non-toxic. "

—Nicky Deam, Editorial Director