The Best Face Masks For Every Budget


Finding the best face mask for your skin is largely trial and error. While a quick pampering session at home is always enjoyable, it can get frustrating if your mask of choice doesn’t get the job done. With an exponential amount of options out there, choosing the right one isn’t just confusing, it gets expensive too. No matter your budget, there’s an ideal product out there for everyone and we’re here to help. Mud masks, sheet masks, detoxifiers, you name it—scroll through for the ones we’ve found to promise the best results.

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Masking 101

Pure-Clay Mask Detox and Brighten


L'Oreal Paris

This drugstore option has become a cult-favorite among beauty influencers and editors alike. It's formulated to be non-drying, and is packed with three pure clays plus charcoal. Its detoxing abilities will brighten dull, tired-looking skin.

Hydrating Mud Mask



Mud masks aren't necessarily known to hydrate, but this one draws out impurities and moisturizes thanks to rich, raw shea butter.

Detoxifying Charcoal Paper Mask


Yes To

If you'd rather avoid the mess that can come with rinsing off a traditional face mask, consider a sheet version instead. This very affordable option is powerful and provides a deep clean thanks to charcoal.

Anti-Blemish Prone Mud Mask


Masque Bar

This mask helps fight against blemishes with a variety of natural ingredients. Shea butter, green tea extract, tea tree oil, vitamin A and more work together to restore the surface.

Get Glowin’ Brightening Mask


Skin Inc.

This transparent gel mask can be used as an overnight treatment or simply rinsed off—your choice. Use it daily to ensure hydrated, brighter and clearer skin.

Soothing & Healing Green Tea Splash Mask



Suffering from a random flare-up is no fun, but not knowing how to calm your skin back to normalcy is even worse. This liquid mask works as an in-shower treatment and gently exfoliates in just under 15 seconds.

Moisturizing Mask



Another great option for anyone with dry skin, this mask is formulated with a rare ingredient. Vinolevure is extracted from wine yeast and absorbs a lot more moisture than your skin can on its own. It also has strengthening and protective properties.

Pâte au Ginseng Black Concentrated Mask



This syrup-like formula helps the skin appear smoother and promotes its natural elasticity. Ginseng root works as its miracle ingredient to fight any visible signs of aging.

Face Masque


Nannette De Gaspe

This single sheet mask can actually be worn up to three times thanks to the hygienic pouch included in the packaging. It boosts collagen production and 87% of its ingredients are anti-aging.

Le Soin Noir Lace Face Masks x4


Givenchy Beauty

You've probably seen this mask across your social media feeds. A huge hit among beauty It girls, this creamy formula is topped off with a lace overlay to curve and contour the face while sealing in product.

Face Mask


Dr. Barbara Sturm

This intensive mask contains Dr. Barbara Sturm's signature ingredient, Purslane. While leaving the skin silky soft it also protects against environmental free radicals.

Red Clay Express Mask


Sisley Paris

Restore your skin's youthful glow with the power of white and red clay. The two draw out impurities without pulling on the face and leaving it dry. Rosehip also protects from oxidative stress.