10 Drugstore Night Creams Your Skin Will Love


When used nightly, this velvety, vitamin C-rich moisturizer can brighten even the most stubborn discoloration marks. Plus, it contains shea butter to prevent flakiness and has a slight iridescent sheen so the skin looks naturally lit from within.

Made with rose water, this lusciously rich moisturizer not only smells amazing, but also soothes and refreshes deeply dehydrated skin. Its non-greasy formula won't cause breakouts and absorbs instantly to quickly start repairing the skin.

This delectable treat features a blueberry-based gel that fights against free radicals and a creamy probiotic moisturizer to lock in hydration.

Packed with hyaluronic acid, this gel cream rapidly plumps and restores hydration to the skin.

If your main skin concern is improved hydration and tone then this formula is for you. A hydrating blend of vitamins and plant extracts allow this cream to boost skin's ability to replenish, repair and hold onto moisture over time.

A fan favorite and for good reason, this night cream delivers serious anti-aging results thanks to its active naturals blackberry complex that treats and prevents fine lines and wrinkles.

This oil-free, skin-clearing moisturizer works overtime to eliminate excess oil and congestion. Complexion is left balanced and breakout-free.

This drugstore powerhouse uses hexanol to protect against inflammation and environmental damages all while preserving the skin’s collagen—it’s basically a skincare superstar.

If your skin is feeling inflamed, itchy and in need of some serious soothing, then Eucerin Redness Relief Cream is what you need. This non-comedogenic cream is formulated with licorice root to effectively calm down and moisturize irritated, red skin.

This one-of-a-kind night cream uses Centella Asiatica and pro-retinol to help strengthen the skin and reverse signs of aging. Skin is left revitalized with an overall improved texture.