5 Cooling Beauty Products To Try This Summer

Summer may have just officially started, but we’re already feeling the heat. Rather than accepting daily makeup meltdowns, we’re reaching for products infused with cooling technology to instantly chill us out. So, detach your iPhone fan and say goodbye to your blotting papers because we’ve rounded up five skincare staples that will keep you refreshed when it seems like nothing can.


Warm-Weather Warriors

Toss this invigorating spray in your purse when you're headed to an all-day festival or for those moments when you find yourself in the subway car without AC. Packed with cucumber essential water, aloe vera and green tea, one spritz can help revive dull skin and give you a burst of cooling antioxidant relief.

While your regular lip balm may get the job done, this is the hot-weather rescue your lips are craving. Eucalyptus, sage and mint soothe and repair while avocado oil and shea butter provide long-lasting moisture.

Warmer temperatures can cause your under-eye area to swell to whole new levels. Luckily this balm cools on contact to instantly soothe and, yes, de-puff tired eyes. Pop it in the fridge for a few minutes to maximize its anti-inflammatory benefits.

No one wants to spend a lot of time on their makeup just to have it slide off as soon as they step outside, which is why we can't imagine starting our daily summer beauty routine without this gel. This lightweight formula glides on and provides instant cooling and hydrating nourishment, leaving your skin the perfect canvas for flawless foundation application.

There are a million ways for the heat to irritate your skin, so when it's in need of some serious replenishment, we reach for this mask. Infused with watermelon and hyaluronic acid, it hydrates, smooths and gives your complexion that post-facial glow. Sephora swears it's restocking soon and, yes, it's worth signing up for the waitlist.