4 At-Home Beauty Devices That Actually Work

Maybe you believe in choosing a spin class over a facial, or maybe you simply can’t imagine going to at least five sessions of laser hair removal. Normally, this would put you way behind the beauty curve—with the skin woes to prove it. But not anymore, because we are in a new era of skincare gadgets that plug in, heat up, light up and even spin in every direction for extra-easy usage. Here, four devices to take your at-home beauty game into the future.


Go-To Gadgets

The Line Eraser

This stainless steel micro-needling roller head pricks the skin to create microscopic injuries that the skin has to repair. Through this process and combined with its LED red light, a couple minutes of use will decrease fine lines, tighten the skin (especially the jawline), increase collagen production and improve overall texture.

Beauty Bioscience GloPro Beauty Facial Tool, $199

The Zit Zapper

This hockey-looking, Instagram-famous mask is much more than its gimmicky fame. It actually gives acne sufferers the results they're after. The hands-free product uses blue and red LED lights to kill acne-causing bacteria, heal inflammation and prevent future breakouts in as little as one week.

Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask, $34.99

Nailed It

Trying to re-create the pampering your nails get at the salon is easier said than done. No matter how much you practice with your non-dominant hand or how much you exfoliate, it never turns out as good as when a nail tech does it—somehow your nails are still lackluster and rough. That’s when you need to put down the DIY hacks and plug in. This waterproof (yes, it's shower-friendly) device offers three removable tips to smooth nails, even out discoloration, increase shine and remove dead and dry skin.

Silk'n Pedi Pro 2 in 1 Mani and Pedi Device, $49

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

The promise of never having to shave or buy razors again—plus no bumps, ingrown hairs or itchy stubble—is something every woman dreams about. That's exactly what this laser does. Similar to office procedures, it uses a diode laser and works best on darker follicles. A small area (think your upper lip or under your arms) will only take a few minutes, whereas larger areas (like your legs and bikini area) will take about an hour. While it will take a few months to be completely hairless, it is totally worth it.

Tria Hair Removal Laser , $449