Why Peels Are The Gifts That Keep On Giving

by Stephanie Montes

Getting older isn’t a bad thing—in fact, it’s something to be celebrated. But in order to make the most of it, your skincare routine needs to get increasingly more robust along the way. Chances are you incorporated a face scrub into your regimen years ago, but it’s time to step it up to something more effective: the peel. Yes, there’s a difference between a scrub and a peel, and the latter is your secret to maintaining youthful skin. Both exfoliate but in very different ways. Acidic and enzymatic exfoliators—aka peels—remove dead skin and impurities just like scrubs but without the abrasive texture. They’re also more powerful (they reach deeper layers) while still being gentle enough for sensitive skin. Peels also stimulate collagen production, diminish lines, help firm the skin and keep it bright and plump. Here, shop five products that work hard to help you maintain that gorgeous glow.

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Pick Your Peel

This super-active peel packed with mandelic, glycolic and salicylic acids minimizes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and large pores.

Apply this ten-minute peel treatment twice a week to tighten pores, diminish dark spots, reduce oil and boost your glow. It's got powerful active Viniferine, papaya enzymes and glycolic acid for extra peeling action.

We love this option because you can actually see it working. Apply a thin layer on your skin and let it sit for a few seconds. Massage it onto your face and you'll notice clumps of dead skin beginning to form. Rinse it off for a softer, brighter complexion.

This powerful option is packed with glycolic and lactic acids that resurface skin texture and even tone while reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. The tingling means it's working.

Packed with pure retinol, 10% glycolic, lactose and hyaluronic acids, this leave-on overnight treatment gently exfoliates and hydrates skin, making it look soft and plump.