The One Trick That’ll Make Your Beauty Products More Effective

You’ve invested so much time and money figuring out what works for your skin. Now that you’ve got your regimen down, it’s crucial that you take good care of your products, starting with how you store them. While your vanity and your makeup bag are the obvious solution, they can vary in temperature, risking the breakdown and oxidization of ingredients and curtailing the life of your cherished items. Instead, try sticking them in the refrigerator. Hear us out: The cold keeps formulas intact—so they remain potent and last longer—and hinders bacteria growth. We also dig the cooling sensation we get, especially when applying to inflamed or irritated skin. Ahead, eight beauty products that are begging for a chill-out session ASAP.


Keep It Cool

Eye Cream

A dose of cool eye cream provides instant relief while it de-puffs and hydrates.


Active ingredients such as vitamin C, retinol and peptides are often found in anti-aging serums. Keeping them cold prevents the formula from breaking down over time.


Never deal with messy melted lipsticks again.


Optimize your moisturizer's glow-inducing properties so you can radiate from within.


Humidity disintegrates a fragrance's formula. Protect your signature scent by storing it in the fridge.

Facial Mist

There's nothing more refreshing than a cool midday spritz.


Cold air will help keep your liner solid and sharp for precise application.

Face Mask

Give yourself a little DIY spa treatment at home with a chilled sheet mask.