The Beauty Service That Uses Selfies To Improve Your Skin

We can all use the advice of a licensed professional when it comes to taking care of our skin, but we don’t always have the time. Whether it’s due to a hectic work schedule or lifestyle, not all of us can make it to the dermatologist to get that personalized skincare session that everyone should ultimately get.

That’s why I was excited to be introduced to Beauty By Design, which curates a personalized skincare box for each of its clients catered to your needs based on a simple text-message consultation and a selfie (yes this is real life). Ahead, my experience with the buzzy new skincare service.


To start, I jumped on the Beauty By Design website to sign up for my free consultation and quickly learned that it would all be done via text. Hark! The brand sends a small survey about your skin and what you’re looking to fix, which takes maybe two minutes and covers everything from age group to skin type to skin concerns, budget and outdoor lifestyle. Next, an assigned esthetician is added to the chat to answer questions and ask me to provide a selfie. (No filter, obviously).

I listed my top concerns as dark spots, eye circles and acne in my survey, which my aesthetician Hillary confirmed after looking at my selfie.

We discussed plans of attack for each issue, starting with my dark spots. Hillary gave me the rundown on hyperpigmentation, why it happens and how the right combination of brightening ingredients and dark-melanin inhibitors can help combat the issue. This is already way better than taking a guess in the skincare aisle.


We then moved on to discussing acne and managing it with products that decongest pores, reduce inflammation and kill bacteria.

Lastly, we discussed my under-eye circles, which have been an issue since my teens. I don’t have a lot of puffiness but I struggle with dark shadows. Hillary explained that because the tissue around our eyes is the most delicate and vulnerable part of our face, it needs special care to revitalize and soothe. She felt a targeted eye treatment would relieve my darkness by encouraging micro-circulation. She also recommended that I use an SPF during the day and advised me to use non-chemical formulas only, as they would likely contribute to inflammation that causes darkness.


At the end of the 15 minute-session I was assigned five specially selected products targeted to my skin concerns. A renewing cleanser, detoxifying treatment, brightening moisturizer, eye gel and SPF 30 mineral treatment. Thanks to the explanations I didn't feel overwhelmed and nothing required changing my regular routine much. Again, there's that convenience factor. I took a look at my cart and was shocked at how affordable the prices actually were—everything ranged from $22 to $36 (kudos to the customization process, as it seems budget is in fact taken into account!).

I will say what I liked the most about the entire experience was the speed and convenience factor. I couldn’t help but think about how much time I could've wasted driving, checking in and having a full-blown visit with a dermatologist.

I'm now on week four of using the treatments, and I've noticed my skin is looking much more even-toned. I feel that the SPF has played a significant role in this (and doesn't feel like a thick layer of product sitting on top of my face). The brightening moisturizer has also been effective in giving my skin a nice glow ... looks like I found my new skincare routine. And I didn't even need to leave the house.

*If you’re having serious skincare issues that you feel should not be ignored, you should always consult the help of a dermatologist or doctor.*