These Peeling Pads Can Repair Your Skin Overnight


By now we've heard a slew of information when it comes to exfoliating. We know we should be doing it, but for some reason it still manages to sound a bit scary—considering you're shedding off layers of your own skin. But the truth of the matter is we can't just have dead skin particles lingering on our faces and exfoliation is key to getting that baby soft skin, and healthy glow we all want to achieve. One of the best things about modern skincare is how many options we have catering to each and every concern. In terms of exfoliation, we have scrubs, peels, masks and now pads.

Beauty buffs are currently raving over Arcona's The Solution pads, and their ability to restore the skin overnight. Not only do the exfoliating pads help repair sun damage and improve the texture of the skin, they also combat fine lines and help clear acne. Providing a gentle exfoliation, they only have to be used two to four times a week to make a difference. The best part is they'll only set you back $50, but have the lasting effects of luxury skincare. Be sure to snag these on your next beauty haul and get a step closer to the clearest skin of your life.