The Surprising Ways Alcohol Is Damaging Your Skin

We all need a cocktail every now and then, but have you ever wondered what all that booze is doing to your complexion? If you celebrated National Tequila Day yesterday (or reach for the vino every evening), you might want to take a few minutes to learn the consequences of drinking too much—not only to avoid emptying your wallet but also to prevent damaging your skin in the process:

  1. Alcohol dehydrates the body and thus the skin, leading to premature wrinkles.
  2. It causes chronic inflammation and facial redness.
  3. Your vitamin A supply is depleted, which translates to slower cell regeneration and a lackluster appearance.
  4. You might notice more spider veins due to alcohol’s ability to dilate blood vessels.
  5. The body needs electrolytes, so it gathers as much water as it can, resulting in tissue swelling and facial bloat.

We’re not telling you to quit drinking, just remember to accompany each cocktail with a glass of water. Your skin will thank you. See all the effects here.