Adopt These Habits In Your 20s To Look Younger Longer

by Stephanie Montes

Your 20s are more important than you think. Not only are you making major moves in your career, but the future of your complexion depends on the state of your current skincare routine. Since we can’t stop you from late nights and too many cups of coffee, we’re showing you the anti-aging habits that’ll keep you looking younger well into your golden years. Sure, you’ve got a ways to go till then, but trust us, it’s time to get started.


Forever Young

Wear Sunscreen All The Time, No Matter What

Whether you're sitting at a desk or frolicking on the beach, whether it's winter in New York or summer in Palm Springs, sunscreen is non-negotiable. If you're having trouble remembering to slather it on every morning, invest in double-duty makeup that has SPF built right into the formula. SPF 30 is perfect for daily use, but swap to a 50 if you'll be in direct sunlight all day.

Cut Back On The Cocktails

We get it, you're in your 20s, but alcohol can cause premature wrinkles, loss of collagen and dehydration—all of which can make you look older than you actually are. We're not saying cut it out altogether, but limit yourself to once per week (or so) and when you do drink, make sure to have a glass of water between cocktails to stay hydrated.

Seriously, Stop Going To Bed With Your Makeup On

You know this already, but it's about time you started doing something about it. Sleeping with a full face of makeup can cause wrinkles, breakouts, even infections (nobody wants pinkeye). We recommend taking a few minutes to wash away the day before hitting the sheets. If you're feeling particularly lazy, keep a pack of wipes on your nightstand to remove your makeup literally as you fall asleep. That's not too much to ask.

Get Enough Sleep

Late nights working, studying and socializing are taxing on your complexion. Lack of sleep disrupts the normal biorhythm of the body and skin, including valuable overnight repair that wards off inflammation, dark circles, uneven skin tone, pronounced wrinkles and sagging skin. In other words, Beyoncé got a lot of z's to "wake up like this."

Indulge In A Weekly Face Mask

Gym sessions, the smoky club scene and makeup can cause clogged pores. A weekly clay mask will give your skin a deep clean, leaving your complexion refined and glowing. Work this step into your schedule, set calendar reminders on your phone and stick to it. Whether it's every Sunday morning or a particular weeknight, make it a ritual you look forward to.

Use A Toner For A Deep Clean

Your 20s can be a greasy time. If you're not already using a toner, pick one up stat. After cleansing, soak a cotton pad and sweep it across your entire face—it's crazy how much dirt and makeup you'll find after you thought you got it all. Toner balances oil in your T-zone while hydrating dry patches on other areas to improve skin overall.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

It's easy to get lazy, we understand, and here's where double-duty products come in handy. Don't worry about cluttering your vanity with products you'll never use. Instead, grab a moisturizer you can wear day and night and apply it day and night.