7 Face Mists For Every Kind Of Girl

If harsh winter winds and indoor heaters are wreaking havoc on your skin, a midday spritz can bring your complexion back to life. But when it comes to the dizzying world of face mists, finding the right one can be confusing. Are you a classic, try-anything makeup lover? Or someone who suffers from sensitive, irritated skin? We’ve got seven options, one for every kind of beauty concern. Choose the one that’s perfect for you and stow it in your bag for a skin-quenching pick-me-up at your fingertips.


Mist Away

For The Girl Who Covets A Dewy Glow

For The Preventive, Anti-Aging Girl

For The Organic Girl

For The Girl Who Loves Makeup

For The Girl With Dehydrated Skin

For The Girl With Stressed, Sensitive Skin

For the Girl Who Needs To Mattify