6 Ways To Fake A Tan


By now, everyone under the sun (pun intended) knows that laying out is bad for you. Thankfully, there are a multitude of ways to fake a glow, many of which include Xen-Tan’s easy-to-use tanning products. Here, six tips for looking like a bronzed goddess this summer—minus the sun damage.

Bronzed Skin, Without The Damage

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1. Start With A Great Self-Tanner

The best way to give your skin some color without the harmful UV rays is to apply a self-tanner. Feel intimidated? Check out our guide to getting a streak-free glow.

2. Wear A White Bathing Suit

Since you're showing the most skin when you're in a bikini, opt for an easy-to-apply mousse. Now that you're glowing, throw on a white bathing suit and the contrast will immediately make you look a shade darker.

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3. Opt For Brightly Colored Sandals

Give your gradual self-tanner a bit of a boost by being strategic with your accessories. When it comes to sandals, the brighter the colors, the more tanned you'll look.

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Elina Linardaki

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4. Pile On The Gold Accessories

After applying an ultra-dark tanning lotion, your skin will have a gorgeous golden hue. Enhance it with yellow-gold jewelry.

Bardot Spiral Bangle


Stella and dot

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5. Protect Your Face With A Raffia Hat

Shielding your skin from UV rays is of the utmost importance (no one wants to suffer premature aging and pigmentation). Use an antioxidant-infused face tanner to give your complexion a healthy dose of color and throw on a wide-brimmed raffia hat to keep you protected.

Fringe Sun Hat


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6. Finish Your Look With A Pastel Caftan

Pale colors have a way of making your tan pop. Pump up your shade between weekly at-home tanning sessions by pairing your bathing suit with a summery pastel top.

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