5 Shower Habits To Quit Right Now

by Stephanie Montes

When you jump into the shower everyday, we’re pretty sure you don’t ask yourself, “am I doing this right?” We don’t blame you. Something as seemingly straightforward and obvious as a shower is liable to shock you. Here, 5 shower habits you’ll want to kick immediately.

Get It Right

Doing It Too Often

Taking more than one shower a day, for more than 10 minutes—especially with hot water—can strip the skin of its natural oils and leave it dry and flaky. They can even make common problems like eczema worse. Aside from harming your skin, it can cause hair loss or dandruff. If you go to the gym during the day, take short tepid showers to rinse off and use a moisturizing shower oil to keep your skin from drying.

Not Letting Your Razor Dry

Razors are a breading ground for bacteria, mold and rust, which can be transferred into your body if you cut yourself when shaving. Towel dry your razor when you're done using it and store it outside of your wet shower—moisture only makes the situation worse. Also, be sure to replace your razor at least once a week.

Not Rinsing Out All Your Shampoo

No matter how often you wash your hair, not rinsing out your shampoo thoroughly can ruin your hair. Product residue can lead to a dry, flaky scalp and lackluster locks. Rinse your hair in sections to make sure you got it all off or invest in a handheld shower head to get closer to the scalp.

Using Unfiltered Water

Tap water contains chlorine, iron and rust particles from steel piping, which can ruin your hair. It strips the shaft of natural oils and dries it out, leaving you with brittle, split ends. It can also affect the color of your hair and leave it brassy.

Not Patting Dry

Towels (even the soft, fluffy ones) can be rough on your skin and hair. Instead of scrubbing the water away, pat dry to avoid aggravating skin—especially on your face. For your hair, blot it and try not to rub or twist in your towel. This can cause major breakage, especially since it's at its weakest when wet.