These Are The Skincare Swaps To Make In Your 30s

by Stephanie Montes

Now that you’re 30, gone are the days of staying out till all hours and waking up as radiant as ever. Trust us, this is good news! You’ve blossomed into a better, more mature, more polished version of your 20s self, and honestly, you’ve never looked better. To make sure you stay that way as long as possible, we’re showing you what a big-girl skincare routine should look like. Click through for the product swaps to make now, because with wisdom comes laugh lines, frown lines and a few creases in between.

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Skincare Swaps To Make In Your 30s

Swap Double-Duty Products For Targeted Treatments

Your 20s are about products that maximize the little downtime you have in your busy schedule. In your 30s, take a few extra minutes to make sure you're getting all the benefits you deserve. If you haven't already, introduce a serum to your regimen. Look for one that includes ingredients like peptides and hyaluronic acid to boost moisture. Sure, it's one extra step, but it's more hydrating than a moisturizer (though you still need that too).

Swap Your Rough Exfoliator For A Peel

You're at the age where you should be exfoliating regularly. Skin naturally sloughs off every 35 days, which sounds great but is a step down from every 14 days in your 20s. If you used a harsh exfoliator in your younger years, it's time for something gentler. Rough beads can damage your skin, especially now that it doesn't heal as quickly. An at-home peel will keep your complexion radiant.

Swap Your One-And-Done Moisturizer For An Eye Cream

Here's your chance to stop crow's-feet before they start. Rather than taking an allover approach with your moisturizer, introduce an additional product that specifically addresses the skin around your eyes, and stick with it. Fatigue shows up here almost instantly, and the area is prone to dehydration (not to mention it's where people look first), so handle with care early.

Swap Your Tinted Moisturizer For A Sunscreen

SPF-infused makeup is great for extra protection, but it's time you stop relying on it solely. Since the sun can make fine lines more pronounced and dark spots more visible, up your sunscreen game to an SPF 30 or higher and wear it every day.

Swap Makeup Wipes For Cleanser

You've always removed your makeup before bed (right?). While a makeup wipe was sufficient back in college, these days, it's important to get to the sink and turn on the tap—even if you're feeling lazy. Makeup and dirt can settle into pores, which will appear larger as time goes on and won't bounce back as quickly as they did in your 20s.

Swap Your 24-Hour Moisturizer For A Night Cream

Remember when you had one basic moisturizer and you used it day and night? Well, your 30s are all about getting strategic. Add a night cream with retinoid to your regimen—it'll help improve the overall texture and tone of your skin. Sunlight deactivates retinol, so be sure to apply retinoids at night and remember your sunscreen in the morning.