How A 14-Karat Gold Razor Changed My Legs (And My Life)

by Nylon

Being blessed with my father’s Italian genes, I was quite young when my inheritance of thick, dark body hair that grows back practically in minutes became something of a liability. This means that by the time I was in fourth grade, just as I was getting ready to take on puberty, my easily embarrassed self also had the privilege of getting to shave her legs for the first time. Fun!

I cannot deny the fact that I’m a creature of habit, so up until recently, I still relied on the crappy disposable drugstore razors with which my mother taught me to shave. These not-so-amazing blades, of course, resulted in everything from razor burn to ingrown hairs and, oh my god, more cuts and nicks than any one person should ever admit to having. However, all of these things became a part of my normal, and I never really gave much thought to trying an alternative.

Until, that is, a razor named Carrie walked into my life.

I stumbled across Oui Shave and their razor sets—humorously all named after our favorite girls from Sex and the City—and was immediately intrigued. Their Carrie razor is made with 14-karat gold and is the most regal-looking thing I had ever seen. I just had to try it for myself.

I’m not going to lie, when I first unwrapped it, I panicked a little. This gold razor seemed bulky compared to my usual plastic throwaways, and it had quite a bit of weight to it. Included in the box was a tiny envelope of very sharp razor blades, which induced an immediate fear of slicing my leg open and bleeding out, or some other horrifically similar incident. I shuddered a bit, and then read some of the online reviews to ensure myself that it was all going to be okay.

Well, I’m now two months into using this magical razor, and I have the smoothest legs (and other body parts) I’ve ever had since I entered the wild world of shaving, and not one nick. There was a moment where I thought I might have cut myself when I slipped in my own shower mid-shave (a result of being one of the clumsiest human beings to ever walk the earth), but I was relieved to see that I was fine, something that wouldn’t have been if I hadn’t changed my old razor habits. The weight allows for the razor to glide right over the skin without any pressure, thus doing most of the work for you and preventing any accidents.

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