A Foolproof Skincare Routine For Girls In Their 20s

by Stephanie Montes

Your age plays a huge role in your lifestyle and skin–so why are you using the same products your mom swears by? We got some brilliant advice from Dermatologist Dr. Debra Luftman for keeping our skin looking beautiful in our 20s. And yes, you can still stay up late and do all those other things 20-year olds do.

Age-Appropriate Beauty Buys

Photo: Courtesy of Ellery

Prevent Breakouts

“Many women in their 20s are still breaking out with acne so it’s important to wash your face twice daily–and never sleep with your makeup on (no matter how tired you are). Using an easy cleansing wipe at night is a great way to stick to this mantra. I highly recommend the Simple Skincare Cleansing Facial Wipes or a micellar cleansing water.”

Take Your Vitamins

“In your 20s, it’s important to look for products that include Vitamins A and B. These are helpful in decreasing breakouts and brightening the skin.”

Protect Your Skin

“The busy lifestyle of a 20-year old puts them in line for environmental damage like sunburns. Wearing a daily sunscreen – even in the winter months – is important for preventing sun damage and premature aging.”

Choose Products Wisely

"Women in their 20s should stay away from alcohol-based toners and heavy oils in products. Alcohol-based toners can dehydrate the skin and cause irritation and redness. Oil-based makeup and creams will often cause breakouts and small cysts called milia."

Know Your Ingredients

"Avoid combining rentinols and acids–like glycolic or salicylic–or benzoyl peroxide on skin unless specifically formulated together. These combinations can cause skin irritation and make it extra sensitive to the sun."