Skincare Hacks For The Laziest Girls Ever

by Stephanie Montes

Some of us were just born lazier than others. We’re not judging, but your skin shouldn’t suffer for it either. To help you break the bad habit of sleeping in your makeup and neglecting your anti-aging routine, we’re sharing our favorite easy skincare tricks—getting out of bed not required.


Lazy-Girl Lifesavers

Remove Makeup From Bed

Keep a micellar cleanser and a pretty dish of cotton pads at your nightstand to gently remove stuck-on mascara, set-in foundation and a day’s worth of dirt without having to rinse at the sink. Micellar waters cleanse, tone and moisturize in one swipe.

Fight Wrinkles While You Work

There's no doubt that lasers and facials are effective in fighting wrinkles—not to mention the bevy of serums, moisturizers, balms and night creams on the market. However, collagen boosters can be just as effective when taken orally. Keep a few sachets of collagen drink at your desk and sip on them while you work. No effort required.

Deflate Puffy Eyes While You Sleep

It seems weird that someone who loves sleeping so much can still have bags under her eyes. But puffiness is caused by water retention, not always by lack of sleep. Instead of trotting from treatment to treatment, sleep with an extra pillow under your head. When you elevate, gravity helps drain the fluid from under your eyes and relieves next-day swelling.

Fight Breakouts Anytime

At-home facials are awesome, but they can be a lot of work (cleansing, exfoliating, treating). These pre-loaded swabs make it easy to treat breakouts no matter what you're doing (even watching TV). Crack the stick to release the sulfur-infused medication and swipe it onto your spots to banish them quickly.