Face Fix

by The Zoe Report

While we’ve reached levels of Intervention status with our oil obsession, we would be doing you a disservice, dear readers, to not disclose our latest findings. Proposing a new approach to anti-aging, själ Skincare’s newest opus delivers nourishment, hydration and revitalization in the form of a blue-tinted wash.

Years in the making, Saphir Concentrate has been perfected by aromatherapists and chemists to deliver truly astounding results. Like liquid silk, the weightless concoction is incredibly gentle, yet effective, containing an artisanal blend of oils, a bioactive complex and blue chamomile. Your best defense to fall and winter’s damaging effects, get your hands on a bottle of this skin gem and your face will feel renewed in a splash!

Availability: själ Saphir Concentrate ($175). For additional information, visit Sjalskincare.com.

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