Simone Biles Loves This Popular Skin Care Treatment To Relax & Unwind

The gymnastics star shares how she’s prepping for the Olympics.

Simone Biles

After much anticipation, the XXXII Olympic Games are kicking off in Tokyo this summer, which, obviously means that the entire world will be watching as Simone Biles makes her triumphant return to the gymnastics floor — not to mention the beam, bars, and vault. Such pressure and scrutiny might faze your average 24-year-old, but then again, Biles has never been average. The multiple gold medalist is preparing like any other elite-level athlete, with early morning gym sessions, long hours practicing her complicated moves, and taking care of her body and mind. Lately, however, her skin care regimen has become a central grounding force in her daily routine (although the cameras broadcasting her image to millions of viewers worldwide still doesn’t give her a moment’s pause).

But how does it feel for arguably the greatest gymnast of all time to finally — after a year of delays and doubts that the Games would even happen — know that her pursuit of even more Olympic medals (she already has four gold and one bronze, in case you had forgotten) is just a few months away? “I'm super excited,” says Biles over a recent Zoom call with TZR to promote her new partnership with SK-II and her SK-II STUDIO film. “[It’s] definitely [felt] relieving. [I’m] feeling refreshed, back in the gym, working on our teams, gearing up.”

That signature Biles focus and dedication now applies to her skin care routine as well, as she reveals that she always starts and ends her days by washing her face and applying her favorite products — even when she has to be in the gym by 7 a.m. “As soon as I get up, I wash my face, do some skin care, [for] which I love the SK-II Pitera Essence or their Skin Power Collection. I love the Skin Power Cream because it's really hydrating, so it leaves my face refreshed, glowing, and ready for practice.”

In that sense, you could say she’s just like your typical 20-something who has learned to appreciate taking better care of her skin. And although free time is rarer than ever for her now, she still relishes the chance to treat her complexion to an impromptu spa session, “especially, because I'm always [moving] so quickly through life and training that I never really get to relish in that time to really focus on bath time and skin care.” She reveals that she loves applying the cult-favorite SKI-II sheet mask and using her jade roller to work the hydrating concentrate into her skin. “Then I do the [Skin Power] cream because I love massaging that into my face. It relaxes me.”

So how else is the Gen-Z star prepping for the upcoming Games? Surprisingly, she doesn’t have a go-to mantra to shake off those pre-competition jitters — perhaps the mark of an athlete so confident and well-prepared, she doesn’t need to stress. “We do a lot of sets in the gym and I think that's the only thing that really helps or keeps me going,” she explains. “And I know what my goals are and what I want to achieve, so it’s fairly easy to get in there and make sure the work is done.” Calm, cool, collected, and she has glowing skin? No doubt this Olympic Games will be one for the record books. And in case you were wondering, yes, Biles will be debuting a new vault in Tokyo — but unlike her skin care routine, she’s keeping the details under wraps until competition day.

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