Shay Mitchell Made These Beauty Mistakes So You Don’t Have To

by Stephanie Montes

What can be said about Shay Mitchell? The Pretty Little Liars star has flawless skin (it’s so good, she’s the face of Bioré skincare), incredible hair and can take a seriously enviable selfie. But thankfully, saying “she can do no wrong” isn’t exactly true. We sat down with the gorgeous actress to talk about her in-flight pampering routine, her favorite products and that one time she accidentally cut off all her eyelashes (and no, that’s not even her biggest beauty mistake). Here, 5 important lessons to learn from Shay Mitchell’s beauty routine.

Shay Shares Her Beauty Secrets

Have An In-Flight Beauty Routine

"If you're sitting next to me on a plane, just know, I will have a full-on facemask or nose strip on. I’m like, ‘sorry it’s my spa day here’. I'm constantly applying moisturizer when I'm on the plane. I also drink a lot of water—so much so that have to request an aisle seat because I get up so often—but its important to stay hydrated when flying. Lastly, I drink a detoxifying dandelion tea to prevent bloating. There are so many times where I have to get off a plane and hit a red carpet, so if I can decrease bloating, that is great."

Use Makeup As A Tool, Not A Crutch

"Makeup is meant to enhance your face, not change it completely. I want to be able to wake up barefaced next to somebody and not have them scream because they don’t know who I am. I also just try to be comfortable without any makeup on, looking like myself. When I’m not working I like to throw on a face mask and go. Once in a while, you just have to let everything breathe and give your skin a break."


Be Comfortable With Yourself In Every Way

"I love going to Korean spas—it only costs about $15. I love their hot and cold baths. It’s always hilarious when a fan comes up and says 'I’m really excited for the next episode' and I’m sitting there naked. I don’t care—I’m comfortable with my body. I would be naked all the time if I knew I wasn’t going to get in trouble for it!"

Attention To Detail Is Key

"I will always double check that there is a rubber pad in my eyelash curler because I accidentally chopped off my eyelashes one time. Then, someone also told me that if you heat the eyelash curler with a blow-dryer it curls them better, so I tried that too and I almost burned an eyeball. Clearly I've endured some beauty disasters and because of those experiences I'm very cautious with certain hacks."

Don't Be Too Experimental

"When I was fifteen, I tried ironing my hair with an actual iron and unsurprisingly it burned off. That was interesting! Back in the day, straighteners were expensive so I thought using a clothing iron would work. Needless to say, I won't be trying that again."