5 Makeup Items You Should Never Share

by Stephanie Montes
Getty Images

Sure, we love to spread the wealth, but there are some things (like makeup) that we just don’t share. Call it type A, selfish or just plain rude but trust us, it’s better to be safe than sorry. From applicators that forever contaminate your beauty routine to formulas that turn into breeding grounds for bacteria, these are the 5 products you should never share. As it turns out, sharing is not caring-well, in this case at least.

Keep It To Yourself

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Cream Blush

Products with this type of sponge applicator are great for on-the-go application but when shared, can transmit infections, germs and oils back into the bottle and contaminate the product forever.


Sharing something that is applied so close to the eye is a major don't for one very obvious reason: the dangers of contracting pink eye. Since the infection takes weeks to develop, the contaminated mascara can come in contact over and over before you even realize it's doing more harm than good.

Powder Foundation

Not only is the sponge applicator a breeding ground for harmful bacteria but the dry, pressed powder soaks up oils and transfers them back onto your face every time you apply your foundation.

Eye Shadow

As you know, anything applied around the eye is just a disaster waiting to happen, but finger-friendly cream pots are an easy way to transfer germs and infections from dirty hands.


Working a clean-up session into your makeup routine is only okay when you have your own tweezers. Even if you don't see it, blood and fluid can build up on the tip every time you pull a hair from its follicle which transfers to the next open follicle. Basically, this is a major no no.