Blown Away

by The Zoe Report

Every once in a while, luxury meets eco-chic in a way that reminds us how majorly O-M-G technology can be. The magic is in the machinery with Sedu’s new ICON Privé Dryer, a styling innovation that has us asking: does your blow dryer work faster than a speeding bullet? Seriously.

To give you a picture of how cool this high-tech hair tool truly is, let’s play the numbers game!—1 pound, 18 temperature speeds, 7 years in the making, 70% less electricity and air that blows at…93 MPH! Lit-er-a-lly. That’s right, your quest for the perfect blowout no longer means attacking your hair with excessive styling time and damaging heat. With its serious mega-watt power, the ICON Privé allows you to treat those precious tresses to a little salon-worthy pampering at home—and in a fraction of the time. Just get your designer brush, lightweight hairspray and blowout crème ready and revel in your a-mah-zing new mane! A lesson in extravagant eco-engineering, this hair marvel is sleek, chic and totally to-dry-for!

Availability: Sedu ICON Privé Dryer ($700). For additional information, visit Sedubeauty.com.

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