How To Give Yourself A Scalp Facial

Considering the piles of product we rely on to achieve sought-after ‘dos, it’s really no wonder that scalp facials are very much a thing these days. The delicate skin at the root of every follicle is directly responsible for hair health, caring for it is just as important as nurturing the actual strands. The following products get the job done from the comfort of your bathroom. Trust us, you should really let this go to your head.

5 Products That Get To The Root Of The Problem

Photo: Kerastase

Purifying Drops

A sweet-smelling oil that helps hair recover from excessive product use and styling.

Exfoliating Treatment

What a rejuvenating body scrub can do for you from the neck down, this micro-exfoliating treatment does for your scalp.

Soothing Ointment

Coconut oil, candelilla wax and salicylic acid mean this buttery formula is akin to a giant gulp of moisture for a troubled scalp.

Stimulating Mask

Apply this vitamin-rich mask before you shampoo to help circulation, which results in a more manageable mane.

Scalp Serum

A stem cell-spiked serum that promotes hair growth? It’s truly a miracle product if we’ve ever seen one.