Soak It Up

by The Zoe Report

For women (and men) of all ages, few rituals are more sacred than the oh-so-indulgent time spent in the bath. This season, we’re treating our bodies to some much-needed TLC with Sai-Sei’s Mineral Seaweed Bath Soak—a revitalizing treatment that will transform your minutes in the tub into a restorative spa sanctuary.

Inspired by ancient Japanese bathing customs, Sai-Sei’s formula is intended to cleanse, restore and reinvigorate the mind, body and spirit. Its unique blend of mineral-rich ingredients, found deep in the sea in sheltered reefs, helps to stimulate cellular metabolism while maintaining your skin’s natural balance. With the season’s chilly temps breezing in, there is no better time to soak your stresses away, so draw yourself a warm, relaxing bath and indulge in some serious me-time with this luxurious concoction.

Availability: Sai-Sei Mineral Seaweed Bath Soak ($38). For additional information, visit SpaceNK.com.

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