Rachel Zoe’s Solution To Your Summer Skin Woes

As a general rule, we’re big fans of anything that promises to be multifunctional—with limited real estate in our closet, luggage and makeup bag, the more versatile a product, the better. This school of thought extends to our EIC’s surefire solution for a myriad of summer skin woes: a rich balm or salve. From a hydrating evening mask to an almighty soother of cuts and bruises, Rachel counts the ways she uses the tried-and-true product this season. Run don’t walk to pick up a miracle balm for yourself.

Rachel Zoe's Summer-Skin Solution

"In the summer I use a rich balm literally everywhere on myself and my kids. On the boys, I apply it to heal dry skin, cuts, bumps and bruises (a daily occurrence with those two), plus as diaper ointment in a pinch. On myself, I use it as a nightly moisture boost for face and body, on lips throughout the day, a dab in my hair when it feels dry and for removing eye makeup. I even mix it with sunblock to thin out the formula, as it can sometimes be too white and cakey. I could go on for days with uses—it's the best multitasking solution for summer."

Photo: @rachelzoe