Quiz: Which Of These Barrier-Boosting Moisturizers Will Give You The Skin Of Your Dreams?

Written by Neha Tandon

As skincare fanatics, we pledge our allegiance to hydration. Hydrated skin has more elasticity, a smoother texture, and more of a glow. But, it goes beyond aesthetics, and nobody knows that better than Laneige. Their Water Bank collection takes hydration to the next level — dedicated to strengthening the skin’s moisture barrier, every product in the line is designed to fortify skin with more resilience over time. The Gel, Cream, and Intensive moisturizers all have distinct benefits for a range of skin types, but all share one hero ingredient: Blue Hyaluronic Acid. Consider the brand’s proprietary ingredient a superpowered version of hyaluronic acid. Fermented, then put through a 10-step microfiltration refining process, it’s designed to penetrate more deeply into the skin’s surface for long-lasting hydration and a stronger moisture barrier.

Answer a few questions, and our bespoke quiz will deliver a curated moisturizer recommendation to make your 2024 skin goals a reality. Whether you have texture issues, redness, or are acne-prone, the skin of your dreams is just a few clicks away.

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Come for the instant cooling, refreshing effect of the mint leaf extract in Laneige’s Gel Moisturizer, then stay for the long-lasting hydration. According to a study conducted by Laneige, the gel will calm and hydrate skin for up to 48 hours. Got oily or combo skin? Don’t fear moisture here — the experts at Laneige designed their gel specifically for you. It’s lightweight enough to deliver just the right amount of barrier-strengthening hydration without leaving behind a greasy feel. What’s more is that the formula is infused with tiny little cream beads that melt into the skin’s surface, leaving you with a baby soft feel you’ll keep coming back for.

Repeat after us: A strong moisture barrier is the key to plump skin. The lush texture in Laneige’s cult-favorite Cream Moisturizer is all thanks to its blended infusion of Blue Hyaluronic Acid, a firming Pepta-Panthenol Complex™, and strengthening probiotics. The nourishing cream was made to replenish normal to dry skin types, leaving it behind with a dewy finish and rejuvenated look that’s even suitable for sensitive skin. Your skin will reap the benefits long after you put this on, too — according to a study conducted by Laneige, this cream will leave skin hydrated and replenished for up to 100 hours.

You may just hear angels singing when your dry skin gets a peek at Laneige’s newest launch. A welcome addition to the Water Bank fam, the Intensive Moisturizer’s indulgent formula was made to be deeply replenishing, coating the surface of the skin with hydration on contact while also infusing the deeper layers of it with fortifying and soothing ingredients. Even suitable for eczema-prone skin, what makes this moisturizer so special is the inclusion of vegan omega peptides that literally pour fatty acids and proteins into the skin, strengthening and repairing the barrier over time. Purified cica soothes redness both in the short and long-term, too. A study conducted by Laneige saw that it even left skin hydrated for up to 120 hours — that’s five whole days. Watch your dry or irritable skin slowly become softer, smoother, and more resilient than ever.