Is Quinoa A Legit Beauty Ingredient? We Investigate.

By now you’re well versed in the protein-packed powers of the little miracle grain known as quinoa, but have you noticed the culinary staple is now on beauty shelves too?

Believe it or not, applying quinoa products topically has its own unique set of benefits. “The skin is the outermost layer of the body—the envelope essentially—so it receives the least amount of ingested goodness,” says founder of GOLDFADEN MD Dr. Gary Goldfaden. Therefore, in order to reap the full benefits of quinoa’s high levels of riboflavin (which helps prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles), Goldfaden encourages using beauty products that list the power grain as a key ingredient. “Compare this process to vitamin C and the skin,” he says. “Eating fruits or taking supplements with the vitamin is terrific for the inside of the body as well as overall health, but it’s much more effective when it’s applied directly to the skin.”

While Goldfaden’s own quinoa-packed product assortment comes out in September, here are a few products with quinoa-infused formulas should you be eager to try the trend now.

Try The Quinoa Trend

Weightless Foundation

Clarins, $39

This long-wear formula also boasts SPF 15 and bamboo powder, which provides a matte finish.

Thermal Hairspray

Nexxus, $19

​For a firm hold and a blast of hydration, spritz on a generous misting of this organic hair gel.

Hydrating Moisturizer

Cowshed, $50

​Quench tired skin with this surprisingly lightweight formula, ideal for daily use.

Voluminous Shampoo

Rahua, $32

​Revive limp locks with energizing products from this high-end and eco-friendly line.

Conditioning Detangler

The Honest Company, $6

Tame frizzy hair and massage your scalp with this hypoallergenic and budget-friendly detangler.