Under 10-Minute Beauty Routines


So your alarm didn’t go off, you’re out of coffee filters, and you just know that you’re going to hit major traffic on the way to work. We’ve all been there, which is why we’re bringing you 3 super easy and speedy makeup routines—exclusively using drugstore beauty products—for those manic mornings. And while we’re on the subject of saving time, you should probably bookmark this page.

Bold Lip

A punchy lip looks instantly polished, and works just as well in a bright orange or saturated coral.

Dream Fresh BB Tinted Foundation



Bold Lip - Step 1

Apply a tinted moisturizer to your entire face, including your undereye and eyelid areas to conceal any shadows. We like a BB cream for its skin-perfecting properties.

Bobby Pins


Hot Tools

Bold Lip - Step 2

Sweep hair up into a high top knot, using bobby pins to secure it for the entire day.

Color Caresse Lipstick in Pink Vinyl


L'Oreal Paris

Bold Lip - Step 3

Apply a few swipes of a saturated lip color in a hydrating formula. Keep it with you for on-the-go touch ups.

All Over Bronze

Use a palette of warm bronze to achieve this lit-from-within glow.

Control Freak Eyebrow Gel



All Over Bronze - Step 1

Groom your brows by brushing a tinted brow gel through your arches.

Perfectly Bronzed Mosaic Palette



All Over Bronze - Step 2

Dust a shimmery bronzer over your forehead, chin, bridge of your nose, and in the hollows of your cheeks.

Baked Eyeshadow in Bittersweet



All Over Bronze - Step 3

Finish by gently pressing a shimmery bronze (look for options with taupe, rather than red undertones) over your lid and into the crease to give your eyes definition.

Cat-Eye Liner

The faster way to add a dash of sophistication to any look - a flick of liquid eyeliner can go a long way. Keep the rest of your face simple, and sweep your hair back into a low, teased ponytail.

Cat-Eye Liner - Step 1

Prep your skin by applying a mattifying foundation with a makeup sponge to ensure even coverage.

Professional Wedge Blending Sponges



Photo Ready Foundation SPF 20



The Curve Eyeliner



Cat-Eye Liner - Step 2

Extend a thin flick of liquid eyeliner an eighth of an inch past your eye. As a guideline, draw it in a diagonal line towards the end of your eyebrow. We love how the curved handle on this NYX eyeliner simplifies the application.

No Crimper Thin Hair Elastics


Cat-Eye Liner - Step 3

Cinch your hair into a low pony and gently tease for volume at the crown.