Powder Your Hair

by The Zoe Report

Let’s be honest—who wants to wash their hair every day? I certainly don’t. For years I observed the old trick of dousing my locks in baby powder to absorb oil and add volume, but there is a newer and cooler way of extending your blow dry. You heard me right, it is time to leave the baby powder for the babies and reach for a bottle of The All Nighter Styling Powder.

Made with real silk particles, this magic dust is the best way to soak up dirt, build volume and add a satiny texture to your hair without shampooing. I am addicted. Whenever you are in a bind for time or want to get the most out of your salon blowout, just sprinkle it on your roots and work it into your hair. There is no need to be delicate—the messier, the better—go crazy! The All Nighter is available in six shades and pocket-sized to perfection, so you can revive your hair on-the-go. xoRZ

Availability: The All Nighter Styling Powder, ($18).